Best Christmas Ever

Welcome, to “Best Christmas Ever’ (Henderson/Stanton) performed by Suited & Booted. Bringing Christmas salvation to the nation. A light-hearted exploration of all our Christmases- fun and existential despair! This is skiffle on steroids… The Christmas period is still the peak sales period for singles in the UK. Festive tunes, mainly from the 70’s and 80’s dominate the Christmas period, played on radio and television, at parties, and on countless compilation albums. Many of these tunes are regarded as classics, and are known by the majority of the UK population.

However, of late the charts don’t reflect this national tradition. Recent years have seen the rise of uninspiring talent show winners, boy bands, romantic ballads, charity covers, or anti Xmas protest songs dominating the Xmas charts.

The last original festive number one was in 1988 by Cliff Richard, which is in itself a sad indictment of the genre. The heady days of Slade, Mud, Wham, the Pogues, even Jona Lewie, and Boney M seem like distant memories. A generation has grown up without their own Christmas theme tune. This isn’t right. This has got to change. Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

A percentage of the sales of this song will be presented to Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS).

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Our video will be out soon but in the meantime here are some photos from the shoot…

Some photos from our video shoot